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We believe that you can transform your life. In our safe and accepting community, you can learn to live purposefully, consciously and authentically by developing a direct spiritual connection.

Small Groups


We are the compassionate and generous arm of the Center, reaching beyond the walls, to support a world that works for everyone – one person at a time.

  • Cultivate a Relationship with God, Spirit, Universal Love, Divine Wisdom, Intelligence by any name.
  • Teach the tools that will change your life.
  • Experience prayers being answered through SOM Treatments.


Recognizing that there is only one Spiritual Family, CSLNJ Outreach is in service to all.  All includes local, global, and our own CSL community.  This ministry is here to train and empower individuals to serve through a state of informed consciousness, identify areas of need and to be the bridge between that need and the Source of supply.